Discover the Turkic World

Orzu Arts New Project Discover the Turkic World

Produced, organised & curated by Orzu Arts’ founder and artistic director Yuldosh Juraboev in partnership with ECG Mark Akhmed

 As the only Central Asian theatre company in Britain, ORZU Arts explores the richness of the performing arts of Central Asia, creating cultural exchanges between EAST and WEST.

From March 2017, we will host free to public Orzu Arts ‘Discover the Turkic World’ events every two months at venues across London.

These will feature live music, film, performance, interviews and exhibitions, readings and discussions as well as a chance to taste some popular regional dishes and traditional treats.

Orzu Arts/Discover the Turkic World events are intimate and informal, providing a platform for new ideas, cultural exchanges, a chance to experience surprising perspectives and encounter unusual artists who will bring up the lights and voices of people on the regions in which we work.

We invite London audiences to explore exotic and mysterious countries and cultures, largely unknown to the western world.

Events are going to be held every two month.

More detailed information of each event will be announced here soon.



The Project is supported by Eurasian Creative Guild, Pasha Central Asian House

Hosted by Yunus Emre Institute in London.