Tulganay loses her husband in war; she is heart broken. She loses three sons, then her daughter-in-law, leaving her alone with a newborn baby.

Of course Tulganay is not the only one. Thousands die in war, hundreds of thousands, millions. War, it seems, will never end and is so terrible that even the Earth feels the sorrow of human grief and mourning. Tulganay has now grown old. She is lonely and talks to the Earth. Together they recall peaceful days past, the happy days of Tulganay and of many others like her. Their dialogue, through songs, poetry and dance, charts her entire life. She is a symbol of all mothers and sisters, daughters and wives who lose their men to war.

This unique show is based on classic and folkloric songs, on dances from all over Central Asia and on the novel Milky Way

by Kyrgyz author Chingiz Aitmatov.


Munojot is designed and directed by Yuldosh Juraboev. He also plays Earth, Tulganay’s husband, her son, and other men at war. Tulganay is played by Guljahon Baiz, who also arranged the music for this production. She is an actor, musician, singer and makom specialist from Uzbekistan.


Yuldosh Juraboev – Director

Yuldosh is founder and artistic director of ORZU ARTS Theatre Company based in London. He graduated in acting for theatre and cinema at Tashkent State Arts University in 2000, then studied theatre direction 2004-2005 in Moscow before moving to London in 2007. His productions in London include Dervish 2012, as playwright and director, First-night Curtain 2013, as director, Mejnun-Madman 2015 as actor, Transit Passenger 2015 as director. He is currently working on two plays: from Kyrgyzstan Cry of the Queen and from Uzbekistan Munojot.

Since launching Orzu Arts, Yuldosh and his company have appeared at many festivals including Edinburgh International Fringe Festival 2013, 14 & 15, Literature and Theatre Festival in Kyrgyzstan 2012, Festival of Languages, Astana, Kazakhstan 2014, International Arts Festival in Edipsos, Greece 2014 & 2016 and Theatre Festivals in Uzbekistan 2012 & 2015

As the first Central Asian theatre company in the UK, ORZU Arts explores the richness of the performing arts of Central Asia, creating cultural exchanges between Central Asia and the UK.


Guljahon Hurramova – actress, singer.

Guljahon is also from Uzbekistan, where she trained as an actress and musical performer at Tashkent State Arts University, graduating in 2000. She has over 10 years of experience in both dramatic and musical theatre in Uzbekistan and 4 further years of professional experience in Sweden and UK.

During her career in Uzbekistan she was involved in popular productions in Tashkent State Musical Drama Theatre, including Medea, in Medea, staged in Uzbekistan, as the leading role in Seven Beautiful Girls and Daddy’s Girl.

In Sweden she collaborated on Strindberg’s A Dream Play at Stockholm City Theatre in autumn 2012, and a 6 month project “Take a Seat”. In 2013, she acted for Spanish Theatre Sandino.

Since 2014 Guljahon is the founder and artistic director of Mugam Central Asia Arts Group. Mugam has since traveled the globe presenting concerts and theatre projects.

Currently Guljahon is currently working on Epic, in conjunction with Stockholm stables.


Dilafruz Kodirova

Dilafruz is a ‘People’s Artist’ award winner from Uzbekistan. She is a professional classical dance performer and has been working as choreographer and dancer for over 15 years. Dilafruz has traveled the world with her traditional Central Asian and Eastern dance programme and workshops. She is currently based in London, where she is launching her own school of Oriental and Central Asian dance.