Orzu Arts presents the UK premiere of  THE TRANSIT PASSENGER

By Dulat Issabekov, Kazakhstan


The Transit Passenger explores spiritual kinship, a return to cultural roots and family values. We can only entrust our innermost thoughts and feelings to our closest relatives. “The heart of another is cloaked in darkness” is a popular Central Asian saying. But what if your closest person turns out to be a complete stranger? Then the spiritual communication will be between your past and his present.

Producer              Joseph Sanders

Translated by     Robin Thomson

Directed by        Yuldosh Juraboev

Work Shops       Sophie Besse



Aytore           Mark Stanton

Zeynep          Kathy Trevelyan

Ertay             Yuldosh Juraboev

Spirits           Rashid Shadat &

Nazgul Zhuzumova


Set a & Costume design    Aliya Boranbayeva

Music & Sound affects       Aziza Sadikova

Light design and sound desk Patrick Goodden


Dulat Issabekov, Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan and well known playwright and author in the former Soviet Union. He was born 20th December 1942 in Sayram region in South Kazakhstan.

His first short story Shoyinkulat was published in 1964 in Kazakhstan.  Many of his books have been adapted for the former Soviet stage over the years and he has written screenplays for several films.